3 Effortless Ways to Wow Your Valentine this Love Day

Here we are, two days from Valentine’s. As I write this I’m in a hotel in Staten Island, NY. I flew into Newark for meetings this morning with my new broker team and to attend a “Vendor Summit” for one of my new retail accounts tomorrow. As usual, I’m missing Ridge and Juliana (Juliana did NOT want me to leave this morning) but excited to get back tomorrow night and celebrate Love Day with BOTH of my sweet sweet valentines.

I was thinking about Valentines Day a bit yesterday. I know it’s a hyped, commercial holiday but what I do really love is how it’s a built-in reminder to stop, think, and thank Ridge for the wonderful partner he is all year long. To me, the little things can be the most meaningful. As I was thinking what to write tonight, I thought- why not share the three things I plan to do for Ridge on Wednesday? (Ridge, if you’re reading this, I love you more than life itself! Everyone else…sorry for that moment of mush 😉 ).

  1. Fill up his gas tank. Nobody likes filling up their tank (I don’t know why but I HATE it!!) so I’m going to fill up Ridge’s when he’s sleeping Wednesday morning and leave a little “I love you” post-it on his dashboard.
  2. Recreate our first date. As I shared here, Ridge and I met in 2011 in a bar in Honoulu. I want to take a few elements of our first date: the green top I was wearing (somehow I still have it), the drink I was drinking (Bud Light for Ridge, water for me), and the way I did my hair (straight). I know it’s cheesy, but I can’t wait to take him back to the moment we met and began to fall in love. Call me a cheese ball, but I’m going to take it a step further and dig up our first photos and have them handy. I think sometimes remembering why you fell in love can be a way to deepen that love all over again.
  3. Make his favorite dessert. Ridge loves cinnamon rolls. When we first got back together, he used to beg me to make them. We both got on a health kick after a few months of living together (and non eating that well!) and ditched our Cinnabon-flavored Pillsbury dates. I got a roll at the grocery store yesterday though and will be surprising him with them tomorrow night.

I just now realized that IF you’re reading this babe, I totally killed all your surprises! (Sorry!).

And since I mentioned early photos of me and Ridge, here’s a little throwback. <3

Valentine's Day in Hawaii

Valentine's Day in Hawaii

Valentine's Day in Hawaii

Love always,



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