Happy 2018, friends! This afternoon I was looking back on 2017 and it hit me how CRAZY a year it actually was. There were a lot of ups but also some real struggles too I wanted to open up and share tonight.

sweater (on sale) // jeans (a staple) // leopard print belt // sandals // Prada bag, similar for less here

Some incredible things happened in 2017 with the biggest one being I got to experience family life with Ridge. For you friends that may be new, Ridge and I got back together last Fall after splitting in January 2013 (story here). Looking back at 2017, we’ve grown so much as a couple. Before wen we dated before our differences were our greatest weakness and this year with God’s grace we managed to  turn them into our biggest strengths. The very best part though was sharing the precious moments together as Juliana’s parents. I had no idea how wonderful and beautiful this could be until I got to experience it. I am SO glad Juliana gets to grow up with her mommy and daddy together and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

sweater (on sale) // faux leather leggings (similar) // earrings // sweater (on sale) // rockstud pumps, similar for less here and here

Another exciting thing that happened in 2017 was this blog. I had no idea when I started I’d be discovering an intense passion but at the same time starting one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done in my life. 2017 was a roller coaster of emotions, from the excitement of hearing from you all, to feeling utterly overwhelmed by everything (and realizing there’s more I need to start doing), to landing my first brand collaborations and attending New York Fashion Week, to struggling with the intense comparison social media creates in the blogging community.

cardigan: here and here // cami // faux leather leggings (similar) // booties (similar) // bracelet // hoop earrings // Gucci bag
lipstick (shade is “Viva Glam II)

Another thing I never anticipated was anxiety. As my blog and Instagram have grown it’s gotten scarier to share things due to a fear it’ll be judged, disliked, or just plain ignored. As I shared here, not long ago I started to get anxiety when we took photos because I felt pressure to get things “perfect” since more of you were seeing it. A few months ago the pressure and anxiety got so bad it became hard to sleep and at one point I came close to an anxiety attack. The last 2-3 months in particular have been a struggle to overcome this anxiety and to direct that mental energy back into creating the best content I can.

Sweatshirt, also love this one // jeans (similar here and here) // layered necklace set // belt, similar for less here // sandals // bag- Louis Vuitton Croisette, full post here

Today I spent a couple hours planning my 2018 goals and in addition to the personal and professional ones, I set some pretty big goals for FMF to refocus on giving you gals what you come here for.

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Here’s the thing though- most of us make New Year’s resolutions but how many of us fall off the wagon after a few months? I have been SO guilty of this in past year and in 2018 I want to make things stick.

To do this I’m taking 3 more steps STAY on track all year and achieve my New Years Goals:

1. Beneath each goal, set tactics to achieve it. For instance, my first goal for FMF was:

  • Deliver on my mission: inspiration, solutions, everyday girls, limited time
    • Tactic 1: develop a monthly content calendar with each post fulfilling on this
    • Tactic 1: set aside time to learn addtional beauty/fashion tips, solutions, etc.
    • Tactic 1: create a consistent posting schedule for my YouTube channel to share practical and relevant tutorials

2. Print out your goals and hang them where you’ll see them. In my case, I hung them above my work desk at home.

3. Set a recurring reminder to go back and check on progress against your goals.  Even with them hung I know I’ll get busy and sometimes forget to look, so I set a reminder on my calendar to pop up at 12pm every other Friday. Fridays are usually a little quieter for me so when it comes up I’ll go back through my goals to see if I’m on track and if not, make changes from there.

puffer vest // turtleneck // ear muffs //  jeans (similar here and here) // lipstick (shade is “All Fired Up”) // bag- Louis Vuitton Croisette

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to come here in 2017. Y’all have no earthly idea how much it means to me that I get to be a part of your life and I can’t wait to do 2018 together!

Love always,

PS I’m going to be changing my blogging schedule a bit for the first quarter of 2018 from three times a week to twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays). I really struggled with this but decided to change so I’ll have more time to research and develop posts that truly benefit you. Also, since I’m starting a new job this month and we’re moving things are going to be a little crazy the next little bit and I want  everything I put out to be relevant and helpful, not thrown together last minute. I hope y’all understand and I do hope to be back to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule by Spring/Summer when things calm down a little! <3