Stuart Weitzman Hiline Boots Review

Iconic pieces. This is something that’s always fascinated me. Have you wondered how a boot, shoe or bag becomes iconic? I think the answer lies in design. Every iconic piece boasts a silhouette that’s incredibly distinct yet so beautiful it’s almost universally appealing. I’ve been getting several questions on these these boots lately and I think it’s because they fall into this iconic territory. Below is a review of the Stuart Weitzman Hiline boots.

Stuart Weitzman Hiline Boots ReviewStuart Weitzman boots (black on loan from a friend!) // scarf (similar) // jeans (similar) // long sleeve tee //
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Stuart Weitzman Hiline Boots ReviewStuart Weitzman boots // sweater // jeans (similar) // belt, similar for less here // necklace

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  • What they are. Though Stuart Weitzman designs a variety of footwear, his name has become closely associated with “over the knee” boots. Four or five years ago, he released the Highland boots which have been wildly popular since. The Hiline is this year’s update to the Highland and is basically an improved v2. Here’s a brief overview of the Hiline boot:
    • Heel height: 4″
    • Material: goatskin leather
    • Colors: available in seven different colors, here and here
    • Improvements to the Highland: the Hiline has a thicker sole and the sole protrudes slightly which protects the leather at the base; it also has a block rather than a thick stiletto heel which makes it more comforable to walk in.

Here are the pros and cons I’ve found:


  • They make your legs look amazing. I don’t know what it is, but every time I put them on my legs look so much longer! I think this has to do with the heel height and how well they fit the entire leg.
  • They stay up. I’ve always struggled with getting over the knee boots to stay up and this is the first pair that stays put! The interior material has plenty of stretch which is what what makes them fit so well. They seem to fit smaller and larger calves equally well for this reason.
  • They’re surprisingly comfortable. This is a big one for me. It’s hard to believe the heel is 4″ tall when you put them on because they are so easy to walk in. Stuart Weitzman shoes are known for their incredible fit and the Hiline boots are yet another great example of this.
  • They look good paired with anything. From sweater dresses to jeans of any wash, the Stuart Weitzman Hiline boots take whatever you’re wearing up a few levels.


  • Price. The price is the only real downside. However, because they are such a classic, one can think of them as an investment for years to come. Many boots will last a season or two, but these will last nearly forever due to the quality factor.
  • They can be a little hard to take off. Because they fit so snugly it takes me a few extra seconds to get them off. I have to sit on the floor, fold the top down, and tug. It isn’t a big deal, but it is a little thing I’ve noticed.

All in all, I absolutely love the Hiline boots and can’t recommend them enough. The price point is rough, but I’ve seen them go on sale for 20% off at Nordstrom, Shopbop as well as on the Stuart Wetizman site. If you’re eyeing them, you can always set up sale alerts to notify you when they go on sale. Also, if you want to try out the style at a lower price point, these are the best dupes I’ve found. Steve Madden is the king of dupes and these are a really great copy! They one thing I noticed is they don’t fit as snugly and thus look a bit “wrinkled” in comparison, though in a way this also gives them a unique appeal.

I hope this helped to answer your questions, and if you have any others feel free to give me a shout anytime!

Love always,


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