Chances are at you have or have had “those jeans” in your closet…that pair that fits amazingly and you notice the difference every time you put them on. The ones that do it for me are these jeans, which I found in March but still wear almost every week because they fit so darn well. Not long before getting them I discovered that AG, Topshop and certain Levi’s jeans look better on me than other brands- but it took me years to figure this out.

Then last week when I was at lunch with my friend Meredith, she shared a brilliant hack for finding the best jeans for your body type. The whole process takes an hour or two, but you’ll come away with a crystal-clear understanding of what brands flatter you and which ones don’t. I seriously wish I had met Meredith sooner! (Also, she is just the coolest person ever 🙂 )

Free People Cardigan

My “those jeans
(Outfit #1: top, cardigan, necklace- similar, bag, sandals)
(Outfit #2: sweater, bag, boots- similar)

Here’s the 4-11:

  1. Hit up a department store (e.g., Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s)
  2. Pick 1-2 pair of jeans from each brand, for as many brands as you can, trying to keep the wash the same if possible. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to afford designer jeans. Since getting them have found they’re totally worth the investment (especially if you’re like me and live in jeans!), but you can do this exercise with any brand of jeans. And if you do love designer denim, I highly recommend grabbing at least a few more budget-friendly options too…you just might be pleasantly surprised!
  3. Use the mirrors to get photos of your front, back, and sides in each pair of jeans. This part is a little tedious, but I promise it’ll pay off! Try to get both full body pics and closeups. Also, make sure you hold your phone at the same angle and height for each front photo, back photo, etc. This will ensure you are able to easily compare the different brands later on.
  4. When you get home, download the Pinterest app to your phone (if you don’t have it downloaded already). Next, open the app and create a new board (to do this, click the “+” sign in the top right corner on your Pinterest profile page). Mark where it says “Keep board a secret” so no one can see it but you (unless your’e in a sharing mood!). Finally, upload your jeans photos to this board. Upload all the “front” photos first, then the “back” ones, etc. (By the way, you can follow me on Pinterest here. 🙂 )

Voila! You now have a side-by-side comparison of all brands of jeans on you. From here it should be easy to see which ones look the best. At this point, it’s probably easiest to pull up Pinterest on your computer since you’ll be able to see a whole lot more images side by side.

Here’s a few favorites in my closet from the brands that work best for me. For size reference, I’m just under 5’5″, size 27 in jeans.

Free People SweaterLevi’s 721 high rise distressed skinny jeans, $88 (my most recent denim purchase and I love them)
(Outfit: sweater, earrings, bag…sorry I over-wear this bag! Full review here)

Winter WhitesMy favorite Topshop white jeans ($75). They sold out, but these Topshop ones are similar and 40% off. (Size up!)
(sweater, bag, belt, similar for less here, necklace, bracelet, boots, similar here and here for less)

Gucci belt reviewMy favorite black jeans are also by Topshop and only $80 (side up). They are my favorite high-waisted style.
(Top, bag, belt, similar for less here, pumps, similar here and here for less)


I hope you gals have a great weekend! What are your plans? Ridge and I are going to the Panthers – Falcons game Sunday and I’m so pumped, both for the game and for a “day date” with my babe. I’m really hoping they play like they did last week.