How to Get Great Eyebrows

For me it’s the ultimate compliment when someone tells me I have great brows. I think part of that stems from years of struggling to get my brows “right” (until I found the solution was simpler and easier than I ever thought!). In high school I over-tweezed my brows and in college though I recognized the power of a good full brow I struggled to get the shape and symmetry correct. It’s only in the last four years that I’ve finally gotten them “right” and I think that’s why those compliments ring so close to home.

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A well-shaped brow totally enhances your whole face and the good news is all of us can have great brows without ninja skills– or even much time. Here’s what I settled on after trial an error to achieve and maintain my best brows:

  1. Visit the Benefit Brow Bar every six weeks for a brow wax. Benefit has a patented method for “brow mapping” they do on every gal before every wax to make sure the end result is a perfectly-shaped brow. It involves the aesthetician “drawing on” the outer edges of the brow and particularly the arch so she knows where to wax before taking out those precious hairs. (I’ve found just a few hairs missing where they shouldn’t be can mess up the entire brow!). In chatting with the Benefit aestheticians I’ve learned they receive a fairly extensive training on how to “brow map” and wax, and through that ensure every brow is “right”, every time. I think this explains how whenever I’ve visited a Benefit Brow Bar- whether it’s in North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, or even Hawaii- I come out with a great-looking brow. The brow I get from the Benefit Brow Bar is so much better than from any brow wax or threading I’ve gotten elsewhere discovered them. If you’re wondering about the every six weeks, I find that’s the longest I can go between visits and still maintain the Benefit shape for my brows. If you want to go more often (every 3-4 weeks), you definitely can but I like to stretch those dollar bills a little and don’t feel my brows are any worse for it. 🙂

Note: if you’re currently tweezing your own brows or getting them waxed/threaded elsewhere I recommend letting them grow before visiting the Benefit Brow Bar for the first time as that’ll ensure the aesthetician has enough to work with. I know those little hairs in the wrong place can be annoying, and a temporary fix is covering them with foundation or concealer if they really bother you. 🙂

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  1. Between appointments, tweeze the new hairs below your brows as they start to grow in to maintain the line created by the brow wax. Don’t tweeze the hairs above your brows as this will quickly throw off the shape (and especially your brow arch!). Let these hairs grow (they’ll be minimal anyway) and if there are a few strays the aesthetician will get them on your next appointment. I’ve found the key with this in-between maintenance is to keep a pair of tweezers handy and tweeze the new hairs right as they come up. I’ve found plucking the new risers every two to three days takes just a couple seconds and makes it much easier to keep the original lines created by the wax. When I wait longer the new hairs have grown long enough to make it hard to tell whether they “belong” or not. J
  2. Fill in the gaps as needed. While I’m really happy with my brow shape without makeup, like most gals I have a few small “gaps” and thinner spots that will always be there. When it comes to filling in your brows, between the drugstore and beauty counter brands I’ve tried my favorite products are by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her brow wiz pencil is great if you’re just starting to fill in your brows- it makes it easy to draw lines that really mimic brow hairs! I’ve found however that the Anastasia Hills brow pomade used with this brow brush has even better lasting power and looks a even more natural. It does take a time or two to get the hang of it (my big learning was to wipe each side of the brush against the glass rim of the pomade jar to get most of the product off the brush, then use a very light hand when applying). Less is more with this stuff but it is a magical product! It creates a beautiful, full, natural-looking brow.

Let me know if you have any brow questions at all! I love brows and can talk about them all day long. 😉



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This post is not sponsored by Ulta, Benefit, or Anastasia Beverly Hills. All opinions are my own.