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You probably know by now I’m high-shoe obsessed. In fact, I can count my flats on one hand.  As a gal who is on the shorter side at 5’4,” heels give me the height I like. They also make my legs look toned and have a way of adding instant polish to an outfit. Several of you have asked how I wear heels as often as I do, and my answer is it has to do with the heels you choose. Well made heels allow the ball of your foot to sit properly and reduce unnecessary pressure on them. I can wear my Cole Haans and Vince Camutos for hours, but by the end of the day I have some degree of soreness, however slight.

I’ve just considered it the price of I pay to look my best.

Sole Serum Review

Then the other week Sole Serum reached out and offered to send me a product intended to relieve the pain caused by heels. The concept intrigued me and I realized that if it worked, it could also benefit you. My mission involves providing solutions for everyday girls, and all my gal pals struggle with the heel trade off the same way I do. Thus, I did my research and read up on reviews. I was surprised to find that Sole Serum actually had a large following, but more importantly those who tried the product seemed satisfied with it. I told Sole Serum to go ahead and send me a pump but that I needed to try it before committing to share it with it you.

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Last Saturday was a great opportunity to try my Sole Serum, since I shopped all day with Ridge and Juliana and elected to wear my favorite leopard print heels. Juliana loves being held, but that made my feet more sore than they would have been! (Not complaining; I know the day will come too soon when she’s too big to be held!) So when we sat down to dinner I produced the pump of Sole Serum. Ridge was mortified (“Babe, we’re at a restaurant…what are you doing?!) I explained to him about the Sole Serum…he still thought it was bizarre but I tried it anyway. I only put it on one sole because I wanted to compare the difference between my feet. Ya’ll, the relief was so good that after a minute I couldn’t resist applying it to my other foot! My feet felt better almost immediately and I tucked the pump into my purse for safekeeping. It’s difficult to describe, but Sole Serum has a combined soothing + numbing effect that, plainly put, feels amazing on tired feet.

Sole Serum Review

This weekend we took a mini vacation down to Charleston. Charleston is known as a beautiful walkable city…and walk we did! I was glad to have my Sole Serum handy and even though I wore flats Saturday it still provided much needed relief that evening.

When I posted about my experience on Instagram last week, several of you replied that you were familiar with Sole Serum. So now I am curious: have you tried it? How did it work for you?



A big thank you to Sole Serum for sponsoring today’s post! All opinions are my own. 

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