6 Hacks for Getting Ready Quickly

You’ve overslept and have somewhere to be stat. You’re cutting it close and have a couple minutes to get ready and head out the door.

What do you do with those five minutes?

We’ve all been there but for me this scenario happens more than I like to admit. All my life I’ve always struggled with time management and I’m only now improving with much effort and focus on planning.

The silver lining? I’ve honed a few tricks to look pulled together even when I’m in a major time crunch.:)

Here are six of my favorite get-ready hacks:

  1. Getting dressed: throw on a neutral top and bottom then add a bold scarf in the in the Fall/Winter or a statement necklace in the Spring/Summer. Even if you don’t have time for another accessory, you’ll look pulled together.6 Hacks for Getting Ready When You Don't Have Time
                                                                                               Scarf (on sale for $12) //Shoes
  2. Keep the makeup minimal but do a bold lipstick. For some reason, a bold lip has a way of making it look like you spent time on your makeup when you didn’t.6 Hacks for Getting Ready When You Don't Have Time                                                                                                                      Lipstick
  3. Line only the outer corner of your lashes and skip your lowers altogether. Liner is supposed to be much thinner on the inner half of your eyes anyway (this opens up your eyes and makes them appear bigger), and lining just the outer half achieves the same effect in less time. When lining, I always start from the middle of my lash line and work my way out.
  4. Nix the makeup brush and use your finger for foundation/concealer. But don’t just use any part of your finger; use the flat part between the top two knuckles. Because this part is flat (unlike your fingertips), using it to makes your foundation look much smoother and almost airbrushed. I know that sounds strange, but I it works so well!6 Hacks for Getting Ready When You Don't Have Time
  5. Use a product that’s a concealer, under eye brightener, and shadow primer all in one. My go-to is the Tarte Shape tape concealer. While it’s marketed as a concealer it’s also the best under eye brightener I’ve found.
  6. Use your index finger to apply just darker eye shadow to your eyelid crease and blend. This takes two seconds but looks 95% as good as when I take five minutes to apply base, highlight, and crease colors. Also, using a finger instead of a brush makes your shadow look more natural/blended. For this reason I hardly do full eye shadow even when I do have the time. 🙂6 Hacks for Getting Ready When You Don't Have Time

And here’s a little bonus trick: I like to keep a small basket by the door with my keys plus doubles of a few can’t-live-without beauty products. If time is really tight, I grab the whole thing as I’m headed out the door. That way, if I only have time to do concealer and mascara before I head out, I can do the rest of my basics once I get to where I’m going and have a spare minute.

What are your favorite get-ready hacks? Even though I’m working to plan better I can always use a few more shortcuts in my arsenal. 😉






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