Bottom Basics

Who’s ready for the three day weekend? Ridge and I kicked it off by taking Juliana to her first mini golf experience. We had a blast (and lots of laughs) watching her try to put-put, then running to”dip her toes” in a decorative pool of water! I can’t count the number of times a week she cracks us up…never a dull moment! <3

On a totally different note, I want to return to my weekly “wardrobe staples” series since you all liked my recent posts on¬†jeans, shoes, tops, jackets, and accessories. I can’t believe it, but there are only a few more categories to talk about! ūüėČ Today I want to cover bottoms- excluding jeans since I covered those¬†here. The categories below are my must-haves but I’m curious if there is anything you would add. Please leave a comment and let me know!

  1. Workhorse denim shorts.¬†I’m terming them “workhorse” because I live in denim shorts this time of year (no joke). For years I struggled to find denim shorts that flattered me then in March my curiosity over the One Teaspoon hype got the better of me and I ordered a pair. You guys, life-changing! Most One Teaspoon shorts are slightly higher on the exterior sides which creates a super flattering and slimming effect on the leg. Another thing I love about One Teaspoon shorts is they are a little longer in the back than in the front. This ensures that when you bend over they don’t ride up too far. Shopbop carries a wide selection of One Teaspoon denim shorts here and my exact pair are these. Here are a few ways I’ve styled them:Accessories You Need in Your Closet
    Mint Green Top
  2. White shorts. White is a great alternative to blue denim shorts as a perfect go-with-anything neutral. For some outfits where I want a light/neutral color palette, white shorts are a must. Because I loved my One Teaspoon blue denim shorts so much, I got the same style in white too.How to Match Colors in Your Outfits

3. Black dress pants. When it comes to great quality dress pants, Express is my ever faithful go-to. Their pants are so well made! I have pairs of black dress pants I purchased from Express 5 years ago that I still wear. Pssst: Express is having a blowout Memorial Day sale with 50% off everything store wide. (Their big sales are usually 40% off so this is an even better than normal).

Ruffle sweater

4. Grey dress pants. There was a time when I only owned black dress pants…until the day I fell in love with a navy blazer. Black pants + navy blazer? Yeah, no. I didn’t want to get navy pants (pantsuits = ¬†interview-only affair for me) so grey was the perfect alternative. Where did I go? You guessed it- right back to Express!

5. Dressy pastel-colored pants. This one is more subjective to your personal style but for me during this time of year a pair of cropped pastel dress pants are a go-to for work that easily transition to after-hours as well. I wore this pretty powder blue pair from Express the other day in NYC for meetings and switched out my top after hours for a dressy casual look:

6. A denim mini skirt.¬†A denim mini is a classic, staple piece. Go for one that’s not too short and has a look and feel that will extend beyond just one season. I love this Topshop skirt¬†for these reasons (side note: go up one size in Topshop as this brand runs small!).

7. A black mini skirt.¬†This is yet another classic one. I haven’t gravitated towards my black mini lately but I know before the end of the summer I’ll need it for an outfit. Like black pants, they’re an easy go-with-anything solution. My pick is here.

8. A tweed skirt. Like the pastel pants, this one is a little more subjective, but a tweed skirt is one of the best ways to create visual interest in a work outfit if you want to wear a basic top. This one is adorable and only $41, marked down 40% in the Nordstrom half yearly sale.

9. Black leggings.¬†Every Fall I find myself pulling out my leggings and pairing them with anything from utility jackets to plaid shirts. I’m definitely more of a jeans girl, but for a well-rounded wardrobe that will give you more “outfit options”, make sure you’re stocked with at least one pair of quality basic black leggings.

10. Sweat pants. I. love. sweats. I haven’t featured them since I don’t usually wear them outside, but behind closed doors I often spend half the day in them LOL. My sweat pants collection is aged like fine wine (another reason you don’t see them lol!) so I’m thinking of getting these Project Social ones.

And that wraps up bottoms! Next week I’ll take on sweaters and dresses, then stay tuned for a very different and exciting wrap up to this series the week after that!

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I’ve linked all the items/categoies I mentioned above for easy browsing in the widget below. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Are you staying local or traveling this year?