My Mission and Vision

When I started Fifteen Minutes to Flawless last August I had a general goal: sharing beauty + fashion tips and shortcuts to save you time and make it easier to look your best.


Because I find when I look my best I feel better- and more confident- which ultimately has a positive trickle-down effect to other areas of my life. I realized I might be able to positively impact others’ lives– all while writing about a topic I was really passionate about! So I put my fears aside and dove in head first (…just as I seem to do in every aspect of my life!). 

In January I wrote a mission statement for Fifteen Minutes to Flawless to further refine and guide my content:

Fifteen Minutes to Flawless: Mission and Vision

When developing my mission statement I wanted every word to have a purpose.

My goal isn’t to provide fashion that just looks pretty, but visuals that are powerful enough to inspire you to take action–whether that means finding new ways to put your pieces together or knowing what staples to add to your closet to make it that much easier.

I also want to provide solutions to common beauty and fashion dilemmas: how do I put on makeup when I have five minutes? What’s the best way to cover dark circles? What’s the most efficient way to shop online? 

And I want to provide solutions for everyday girls like myself, for whom money and time are limited resources. How do I help you get the biggest “bang for your buck” when it comes to both the time and the money you spend on putting yourself together? 

You invest precious time reading Fifteen Minutes to Flawless, which makes me carefully consider what I give you for this time you are spending.

Which brings me to the big question:

You see, I know what I want to provide, but it’s a challenge (though a fun one!) to thrice a week deliver content that is inspirational and actionable, while at the same time conversational enough for you to enjoy reading. When it comes to content, some of the very best ideas come from you. When you tell me what you’d like to read, it helps me write about what is most relevant to you. 

And for this, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many of you have let me know your thoughts and what topics are most compelling to you. You have no idea how much this means to me, and how it motivates me to continue giving my very best. 

With that in mind, please, please keep your suggestions coming! How am I doing? What would you like to hear more of? Less of? Email them to me at, send me a direct message on Instagram/Facebook, or let me know in the comments below each post.

And stay tuned for a couple exciting new tools I will be integrating to more and more effectively accomplish my mission!