The Best Makeup Brushes Under $10

Today I wanted to share one of the best beauty purchases I’ve made in a long time. My current makeup brushes have been a great workhorse of a set; I got them at Costco (of all places!) a few years’ back when I was living in Hawaii. They held up well until lately when I noticed they’ve started to “shed”. I started looking for a new set and came across these. They were highly recommended by a couple different beauty experts, but I was a little skeptical…I mean, can a full set of makeup brushes for under $10 really be good? But since it was under $10 ($8.59 to be exact), I went ahead and ordered them. And I am so happy I did!

The Best Makeup Brushes Under $10

The Best Makeup Brush Set Under $10

Here’s a quick review of what impressed me so much with the Bestope Makeup Brush 8 Piece Set:

  • The brush hair is very thick but at the same time super soft, reminding me of much pricier alternatives
  • So far there has been no shedding over the times I have used them
  • I used the large flat brush (third brush to the right in the photo above) for my foundation, and it works SO well.
  • It’s easy to work with and makes foundation go on flawlessly. I actually like it better than my beauty blender and will be switching it out for this brush.
  • The four smaller brushes are on the larger side for eye makeup brushes, and I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first. Once I used them though, I actually found them easier to work with than my current eye brushes. They were not too large for details like blending shadow in my creases.

My goal is to always give you guys full disclosure on anything I recommend, including any downsides, no matter how small. Two small drawbacks were a slightly chemical smell (removed by washing), and that the brushes don’t say on them what each is for (e.g., blush, contour, shadow, etc.). It didn’t bother me too much because I knew what to use each for, but I could see this as a slight disadvantage for someone newer to using makeup brushes.

Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase and feel good wholeheartedly recommending this set to you.

On another note, I am trying something new and linking what I’m wearing today via the widget below instead of a text link. Hope it makes things a little easier!