Five Jeans you Need in Your Closet

Last Wednesday I shared the five types of jackets every girl needs and the Wednesday before identified ten shoes every girl should own. These posts received a lot of reads (indicating you all enjoyed them!), so I wanted to continue this little series and discuss five pairs of jeans to have in your closet.  Having jeans in these categories will give you more outfit options and make it easy to infuse instant chic into your look.

Five Pairs of Jeans you Need in Your Closet

Frayed Denim Top and White JeansFrayed Denim Top and White Jeans

Frayed Denim Top and White Jeans

Frayed Denim Top and White Jeans

Jeans (similar) //Top //  Sunglasses ($12!) // Bracelet // Mule Sandals // Bag, similar style here

Just a quick preface before I start. If you’re like me, you don’t find denim shopping to be nearly as fun as browsing for tops or accessories. Prices are higher and not every brand or style flatters everybody. A little overwhelming, right? If you want to nail down the perfect assortment of jeans for you, read on for the categories to shop, then head to a department store with highly-trained associates and try on a bunch of pairs. My recommendation is Nordstrom, because they offer tons of jeans from under $60 to well over $200, and regardless of your price point you’ll get an associate that’s received training on denim and will help identify what looks best on your body. Some brands may work better than others (there’s at least one designer that looks terrible on me!), and Nordstrom has a variety of brands and cuts so you can try on several and determine what works best for you. Ok…let’s jump in!

  1. The White Jean. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you’ve probably noticed how obsessed I am with white jeans (case in point above!).  The reason behind my obsession: white denim is neutral, making it easy to coordinate with almost any top/jacket/sweater–but at the same time is bold enough to make a statement. Blue jeans are everywhere but white is unexpected and will make your outfit pop even if paired with something as simple as a t-shirt. When I’m in a rush to get dressed, I reach for my distressed white jeans because they are the fastest starting point for building an outfit. Depending on your style, you could do either a classic pair of white jeans or a distressed option like what I’ve got on here. I personally have both :).
  2. The Black Jean. There are certain outfits where, simply put, nothing works as well as a pair of black jeans. Here are two outfits with black jeans where a pair of blues would simply not look as good. While I don’t shelve my white jeans in the Fall, I do find black jeans amazingly pair well with Autumn’s hallmark colors like burgundy, olive, and burnt orange.Five jeans every girl needs in her closet
  3. The Distressed Medium or Dark Wash Jean. I bet you were wondering when I’d get to blue jeans ;). Personally I find medium or dark wash jeans look better on me than their light wash counterparts, so these are the ones I gravitate towards. The reason I recommend distressed as opposed to just faded is that the distressing detail that will add interest to your outfit. I’m a huge– no beyond huge– fan of AG when it comes to jeans. They aren’t cheap, but they hold up so well that you’ll get your money’s worth over time. I got this pair of AG jeans at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale last July and have worn them like crazy for the last eight months. Despite having washed them too many times to count, they still look as good as the day I got them. The best times I’ve found to buy AG jeans on sale are the Shopbop Spring sale (last month) and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July, though Nordstrom Rack will have some terrific options from time to time too.
  4. The Light Wash Blue Jean. Even though I love a darker wash, there are certain ultra-casual outfits where nothing looks as on point as an ultra-distressed pair of blue jeans. I prefer distressed when it comes to blue jeans, but depending on your style you could opt for a pair that is just faded.
  5. The Classic Dark Wash Jean. These are your “casual Friday” staple and are a personal favorite for customer sports outings when I want to keep things casual but still maintain a professional persona. Because I love a laid back, casual style I don’t gravitate towards these jeans on an everyday basis but they are a must-have in my closet for casual business events and meetings.

And there you have my denim roundup! There’s nothing wrong with having styles beyond these five, but if you’ve got these bases covered you’re well on your way to a multitude of great outfits!