Spring and Summer 2017 Beauty Trends

It’s been a hot minute since I did a beauty post and was thinking earlier of a topic when it came to me: I love talking about fashion trends but I haven’t discussed hair and makeup trends. Fashion trends are, of course, more obvious, but it’s interesting to look at photos from the 60s, 70s, and 80s to see how much hair and makeup trends really do change! Read on to find what’s shaping up to be the biggest hair and makeup talk of 2017.

Hairstyle trends:
1. Half up top knot. Ok, so I’ve been seeing this trend all over social media as well as on celebrities so I was wondering what was up. A quick search confirmed that it is, in fact, one of the hottest hairstyle trends at the moment- and I couldn’t be happier! Why, you may ask? Because it’s so fast to create! I did one for the first time today after watching this tutorial, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. This style is great too for many different hair lengths. When doing this style, bobby pins are your best friend.
2. Long and straight. I truly think this one is influenced by Beyonce and the Kardashians, but either way I’m on board because I’m in the process of trying to grow my hair out, ha!
3. The lob haircut. I was looking at the 10 most searched things on Pinterest (across every category on the site) and the lob hair cut was one of them. This was interesting to me, since I’ve noticed this style during my travels (airports are a great place see new style trends, believe it or not!). I won’t be doing a lob anytime soon since as I am going for length, but I do like this trend and think it can be really flattering.

Makeup trends:
1. Statement lips. Lately I’ve noticed this trend taking several forms, including bright pink and red lips, blurred lipstick, two toned lips, and lastly the “out there” one, the glitter lip (not sure if I’m brave enough to try this one yet!)
2. Under liner. This is where you add shadow under your eye. I tried this trend with a muted purple shadow, applying with a small angled brush, keeping it close to my eye to make it subtle. I really liked how it looked.
3. Glowing skin. Right now it’s all about that radiant, dewy facial glow.
4. Metallic eye shadows. Without the right product, this one can be a little harder to pull off for the vast majority of us that don’t walk down runways. Fortunately though, Sephora has a line of fantastic metallic shadows for $10 (many of which are currently on sale for $5!)
5. Tightlining. Tightlining is when you apply eyeliner to fill the spaces between the roots of your eyelashes. When done right, it really makes your eyes pop. The only thing is it’s a little tricky to do, not to mention time consuming (at least in my experience). Enter It Cosmetics’ Tightline Mascara. I got the sample size for $10 because I was skeptical, but it really does work to give your eyes that tightlining effect without the time and effort it takes to to actually tightline.

Because I knew I was going to write on this topic tonight, I thought it would be fun to incorporate as many of these trends as possible into today’s look. Here’s what I came up with 🙂

(Half up top knot, long & straight hair, statement lips, under liner, and tightlining…whew!)

Spring Summer 2017 Hair and Makeup Trends

And today’s full outfit:

Spring Summer 2017 Hair and Makeup Trends

Earrings // Sweater (similar) // Shorts // Slip-on Sneakers // Gucci Soho Disco Bag, (pre-owned one here)

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful night, and last but not least- Happy Friday! I’m particularly thankful it’s the weekend after a craaazy work week. Ridge, Juliana and I are headed to Greenville tomorrow for a birthday and then to Charlotte Sunday to see friends and family there. So glad the weather is starting to warm up! What are your plans this weekend?