Leather Jacket & Knotted Tee

I hope you are having a good week thus far! Today was a crazy day for me. I got up super early (ok, 6am…that’s super early for this girl!) to get Juliana to preschool and catch a morning flight to Boston. After landing, I drove an hour down to Rhode Island for a meeting, then turned around and drove back to Boston to catch an evening flight back. It was a long day, but any time I can make a meeting into a day trip I do. There’s nothing worth more than tucking my little girl into bed at night 😊.

Today’s outfit is actually from this past weekend and it was such an easy look to throw together. I recently found this adorable knotted tee (ya’ll, only $22 and comes in five colors!) and couldn’t wait to style it. 

I’ve found the most time-efficient way to create an outfit is to start with one piece that speaks to you that day. For me on Sunday, it was the new blue-grey knotted tee. I love this shirt because the knot makes it a fun and different alternative to a basic tee. I also think the blue-grey is a really pretty color (I read speculation this hue will trump blush pink as the hot new color in 2017.) Once I had the tee, I picked out my bottoms. You can probably tell from my Instagram that I’ve been obsessed with white denim of late. I know it’s still Winter, but I’ve never been one to confine a pair of pretty white jeans to just one season. I think white denim adds a bit of edge and dresses up any look…they’re an unexpected alternative to their omni-present blue cousin ;).

Once I had the jeans, I added this jacket; lately I’ve been all about good layering pieces to stretch my wardrobe further, and this is one of my layering essentials. Because it’s a high quality, real-leather jacket, it came with a somewhat hefty price tag, and as result, I stalked it for months (and tried on a dozen other leather jackets) before making the investment. I’m so glad I did though! I wear it all the time because it goes with anything and instantly adds character to any outfit. I love the asymmetrical drape front and off-beat zipper; when zipped or unzipped, this style tapers in a way that’s super-flattering for any figure. I believe a black leather jacket is the ultimate wardrobe staple, and if you’re on the market for one I can’t recommend this baby enough!

The look still felt a little “basic” at this point, so I dressed it up with fun gladiator sandals. For accessories I went for two of my favorite current trends: chokers and layered necklaces. 

Anyway, that was my thought process for this look! Like most of my outfits, this ensemble only took a minute or two to put together, and I think it’s because I started with a single piece and built from there. 

How do you create your outfits? Is there a process you follow that you find helpful? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Knotted tee // jacket // white jeans (similar) // sandals // necklace