The New Beauty Product I Can’t Live Without

Hey lovelies! How’s your week going? I got back from Tampa yesterday afternoon–24 hours of perfect weather! Although South Carolina winters aren’t exactly rough I’ve been anticipating Spring for about a month, and you may have noticed that subtly (or maybe not so subtly!) creeping into my recent outfits. And since it’s supposed to stay nice the next week, I plan to just keep it coming ;).

On another note, I’m excited for today’s post because I’m sharing with you a new beauty product I’m completely obsessed with. It really is that good!

Touche Eclat Review

It started a few weeks back when I received a set of samples from Nordstrom. I love trying samples but the percent of products I end up purchasing is actually very low (a product has to “wow” me if I’m going to spend the money- and the time- to use it!) The little pen (or should I say, magic wand) I’m holding, however, was one of those rare purchases. When I tried it I was instantly impressed.

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent is a luminizing pen that adds radiance to your skin, erases signs of fatigue, and brightens your overall complexion. I initially tried it on my under-eye area to lighten dark circles from not sleeping well the night before. I couldn’t get over how well it worked! I completely lost the “tired” look and the dark circles were replaced with a very natural-looking, brighter hue. I then looked at the sample to learn more about using it. Touche Eclat Review

Next, I tried it on the bridge of my nose; this gave a slimming effect. After this, I tried the last suggestion and put it on the contour of my lips. It made them look a little fuller, though this effect wasn’t as noticeable to me as the first two. Because I was so tickled with this little pen, I started trying it on other areas of my face, too. I discovered putting a dab below and just above my outer brows made my eyebrows appear more arched (this one is a little harder to describe).

Aside from how well it works, I love the design of Touche Eclat. It’s the perfect size for slipping in your bag as you go out the door. And while this isn’t a functional attribute, I really love how pretty this little gold “pen” is. It looks and feels so luxe.

The one downside to this product is the price. At $42, it’s  hefty ring for a makeup product. Because of this I used up all three shades on the sample (No 2, is my perfect shade but the others still worked as an under-eye concealer) before taking the plunge. Now that I have though, I am so glad I did! This product is awesome.

Because the price point may be a bit higher than you’d like, I did some research on some dupes for Touche Eclat to find a more economical option. From what I read and the reviews on various sites, the Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer seems like it would be a great alternative and rings in at only $8. The only disclaimer here is that I have not personally tried this product (though I plan to soon!)

What beauty product is your recent obsession or one you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!


This post is not sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent, Maybelline, nor any other brands. All opinions are my own. 




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