Blue Off Shoulder & Ruffles

Monday is so sneaky the way it creeps up on you, isn’t it?! This morning was a whirlwind because I had to catch a flight to Tampa, but thankfully Ridge was off so he was able to help get Juliana ready. Lately, she’s been choosy about what she wants to wear. She always wants a dress (actually, she always wants one of her tutus- then settles for a dress when I tell her the tutu isn’t an option for school!) and her favorite colors are pink and white.

Yesterday when I took her with me to snap these photos she picked out her white dress and blue flip flops. It was totally ok with me, since we ended up coordinating!

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

When Juliana and I go to take photos, she’s in charge of my tripod. It’s super lightweight, so I let her carry it around. She calls it her “camera”. When it comes to getting her in the pictures with me, it’s hit or miss. For every photo where she’s looking at the camera there are at least five where she’s not.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

But I think that makes the good photos even more special. 🙂

Me and J.jpg

My Tory Burch Fleming bag has a strap that doubles up, making it the perfect size for my little fashionista. She loved wearing it around (while I hovered nearby to make sure she didn’t drag it on the concrete!) and, not surprisingly referred to it as “her purse”.

Changing gears a little to this look, I fell in love with this little Topshop blue ruffled number the instant I saw it. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out, but I’ve linked some other similar options below (including one top I reeaally want!)

It’s such a feminine top, so I accessorized it with an equally dainty bag and shoes. I kept all the other colors very neutral and light to keep the top as the focus of my outfit. I didn’t want to have other colors competing with it.  FullSizeRender (3).jpg

FullSizeRender (5).jpgFullSizeRender (4).jpg

When putting an outfit together, I try to think of how my hairstyle works with the rest of the look. For this look, I wanted my hair off my shoulders to show the pretty details of the collar and ruffles, so I opted for a side braid style that I thought was equally feminine:

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Instead of a regular braid I did a quick “fishtail” braid. To get this look, pull your hair down to where you would braid it on the side. Divide the hair in two equal chunks, then grab a small piece of hair from the outside of one of the two chunks and cross it over in front and join it with the other chunk. Do the same on the opposite side, then keep repeating these steps all the way down (ya’ll can probably find a fishtail tutorial that’s a lot better than me explaining in writing, haha). After this, I pinned around the braid with a ton of pins until the hair around it looked “right”. Making a side braid look good has always been a little tricky for me, and I find the trick is just to play around with it, pinning as much as necessary. One other little tips: use a small elastic at the bottom, not a big one. A big one just looks too bulky. Last, if you gals are frizz-challenged like I am, this Moroccan Oil does wonders to calm things down without weighing your tresses!

Here’s the head-to-toe look:FullSizeRender (9).jpg

Sweet dreams, pretty ladies! (…or if you’re reading this in the morning, I hope you have a wonderful day!)


Top (Also linked some similar here, here, and here (obsessed with the last one!) Also, this dress has a very similar look and is so gorgeous // Jeans (similar) // Bag // Sandals // Bracelet // Ring