Tips for Putting Together an Outfit

I owe you two outfit posts today! Here’s what happened: I usually post at night, but Saturday we didn’t get home till late. Thus, Saturday’s look went up Sunday morning, and Sunday’s look was to be up Monday morning BUT I didn’t wake up early enough. So anyway here we go!

Sunday’s Look:


I talked about my love for utility jackets, and in particular this one in my post here. A quality and well-fitted utility jacket is so worth the investment because it’s a true wardrobe builder. It can be paired with anything from a feminine dress to a basic tee and jeans. Wear it with almost anything and it’ll add extra umph (anyone know the spelling on that?! 😊) to your outfit. I included it in my capsule wardrobe because it’s such a versatile piece. PS: my jacket has gone on sale twice since I got it in October. Let me know if you want a sale alert on this one!

The other item that made this outfit was the belt. A prominent belt has the same effect as a statement necklace: it lends an otherwise basic outfit uniqueness and sometimes even edge.

The last thing about this look: I took an inexpensive ring from H&M and looped it through a simple gold chain, then layered with a shorter gold chain. It creates a really cool effect without having to buy another necklace. When it comes to delicate necklaces, two is more interesting than one.


Monday’s Look:

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Something I try to do with every outfit is present something unique that adds interest. The way I see it, a fashion blogger’s job is to introduce their audience to pieces and combinations they might never have considered.

Ok, can you guess what that something is in the above?

Yep! It’s the choker. From what I can tell, the choker trend is going to stick around a little while yet, and I love this one for how it’s wrapped and tied in a bow. It’s a fun, feminine statement. It’s actually the only jewelry I opted to wear today (other than my engagement ring). I wanted to keep the jewelry portion of this look simple because while subtle, there’s actually a lot going on: the sequined cardi, bright pink lips, OTK boots, faux leather leggings texture, and a slightly more involved hair style. I think the key to making any great look is balance, ya know?

Only two days left in my Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! I can’t get over how this month has flown and I’m excited to wrap it all up in a post this coming week. My goal is give you guys some fast and easy tools for creating your own capsule if you so choose.

Whew, apparently I am a chatty Cathy tonight! I didn’t mean to go that long 😊.  You can view my capsule wardrobe including everything I’m wearing in the above looks here. My exact OTK boots are here but because they are on sale and only available in select sizes I am linking similar ones here.




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    Super cute! 🙂