Happy Monday, ya’ll! And happier evening now that Monday is behind us :). I was in a rush packing this afternoon for my trip today to Cleveland–working till the last minute trying to catch up from last week’s cold and flu. I was especially thankful for my capsule wardrobe today because it took me less than 5 minutes to pack! Fewer options = easier decisions, especially when every item grabbed will go with everything else pulled in packing frenzy.

Anyway, I made it to Cleveland and found out that Superman originated here. Who knew! Funny side story- I flew into Cleveland this summer the evening the Cavaliers won the championship. They won within a minute and a half of getting off the plane, and the airport went wild! (And there was no one at the rental car facility!). It was a cool time to fly into this town which had not seen a victory in pro sports for 80 years.

Ok, outfit details. I felt slightly hipster today with my Vans, tapered jeans, and leather jacket, ha! It was the perfect travel uniform though. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on my Vans lately…ya’ll I love these shoes! They’re stylish, comfortable, go with everything, well made…and affordable! Linking below with the rest of today’s outfit.

Vans // Jeans // Jacket // Shirt (similar- $12 and a wardrobe staple!)