I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! Ridge is attending the police academy right now so he’s gone Mon-Fri which makes the weekend extra special for us. I treasure our family time so much!

If you follow me on Instagram (@fifteenminutestoflawless) you might have seen my post/story about my new T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand. I was excited when it came in the mail yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it out! I’ve been using a Hot Tools curler-turned-wand and was anxious to compare. (The T3 was a pretty big investment for me and I might have pooled my Nordstrom Christmas gift cards to get it 😉 ). My Hot Tools wand is a solid performer so my expectations for the T3 were high, especially given the price differential.

The verdict: in love! Here are the comparison points that stuck out between the two:

  • Time it takes to curl: with the T3 it takes about 3 seconds to set a curl, but the Hot Tools takes about 20. This difference took a few minutes off the time it took me to curl my hair. As a busy gal, this is a huge plus! The shorter set time will also prevent heat damage over time.
  • Curl quality. Ok, I totally made up that term, lol. But what I noticed with T3 is my curls are a lot shinier than with my Hot Tools wand, which makes the finished style look so much nicer! The T3 curls also hold quite a bit better. 8 hours later they are holding as when I set them.

There are just a few other minor things I thought I’d point out. As far as design, I prefer the design of the T3 and find it easier to use.  (Also, and totally random: it’s so pretty with its white and pink color scheme!) I did struggle for a minute last night figuring out how to attach the barrel to the handle for the first time and the instructions weren’t very clear, but I figured it out pretty quickly. The other thing that took me a second was figuring out how to adjust the temperature setting on the handle. However, I do love that the guide shows what setting is recommended based on hair type.

Anyway, here are my curls today, courtesy of the T3 1″ barrel. I wish I’d pulled them apart a little after so they looked more natural but I was a rush and missed that today :).

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. Let me know if you have any questions on the Whirl, or other wands (I did probably too much research so I’m pretty familiar with the other options on the market). Looking forward to sharing other styles with the 1.5″ and tapered barrels soon!



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