Fresh Fashion Retailers (You May or May Not Have Heard of)

Hey there and Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Juliana and I have not done much, which believe me has been absolutely wonderful. Yesterday I got my hair cut at a new salon, Carmen! Carmen! at their Ballantyne location. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and are looking for a new stylist, Nathan is incredible. His philosophy is to make the cut do all the work so you don’t have to style in any particular way for your locks to look amazing. As a busy mom, this was music to my ears since I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my blow dry routine. I am SO happy with the result and can’t wait to show you in an upcoming post. They also entertained Juliana  and were super sweet to us both. Any place this child-friendly deserves extra credit!

Today I wanted to do a different post and share a few favorite online retailers I started shopping in the last few months. I find each offers a compelling and unique fashion proposition.

  1. Storets. I love this retailer because they carry unique high fashion pieces without the high fashion price tag. Their assortment tends to feminine statement pieces. Some of their selection is a little too “statement” for me, but other pieces like these nail it:

Grenda Ruffle High Neck Top


Shaddy Cold Shoulder Top


Kaitlyn Fit N Flare Dress


2. Asos. When it comes to on-trend but very affordable pieces, this retailer can’t be beaten for selection and quality. Many of their price points are in line with H&M/Forever 21, but the quality is better on most pieces. The site can be a little overwhelming due to its sheer variety but the search options on the left hand side are pretty advanced. How cute is this skirt with that scalloped hem?!

3. Revolve has blown up recently and I can see why: the variety of designers and styles they offer is tremendous. Interestingly enough, I have noticed stars photographed wearing their pieces recently. Because it is designer wear, the price points are higher, but their sale selection is incredible. They have some amazing hats and accessories at deeply discounted prices, like this fedora I may have to get :).

4. Zara. This Spanish retailer continues to grow in the US market by offering cleaner-cut yet very on trend pieces at affordable prices. They also offer a great variety of basic staples and I absolutely love their take on work-wear fashion! The company seems to be focused on this segment of their business and one of my favorite site features is the sub-menu called “Monday through Friday”. So much of the fashion world is focused on “aspirational” outfits and styles that work well for traveling the world or having lunch in Beverly Hills (don’t get me wrong– I love many of those looks; just can’t wear distressed denim to work!), so it is refreshing to me to see Zara zeroing in on the 9-5 uniform. Right now I am swooning over this pink crepe blazer:


Let me know if you guys end up checking out these retailers and what you think. If you are trying to decide on pieces, feel free to send me an email–I am happy to offer my suggestions free of charge :).

XO, Terra




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